CollegeTits Tribute

silentknight979 said: Hey bro. I seen her boobs on several porn sites. I love her huge boobs. So she doesn't have a blog anymore huh? I would love to see her whole body including her face.

Wouldn’t we all?  I would love to see some pics of her professionally shot and showing her entire body completely naked.  Not to mention to see her getting tit-fucked by a big cock and cum all over those enormous juggs.  Sadly, these don’t exist.  At least, not that I’ve seen anyway.  Maybe those will surface later. 

I have pics of her face, but have chosen not to share or post those.  I respect her wishes to remain anonymous.

roguefiftyone said: Where'd you find all the pics? When I first started tumblr I used to message with Christina a ton and then she shut her blog down.

I started collecting her pics right after she shut her blog down the first time.  It’s a good thing too, because she was always pulling her blog down and then posting it back up, then pulling it back down again.  I keep hoping to see her pop up again.  Maybe under a different name.  She’s too sexy to stay hidden in this world! 

kush125 said: So who is she than ? This mysterious woman with the huge rack of love Your obviously a guy that post them so who is she ? Please share

She is CT.  aka CollegeTits or CollegeChristina.  Her real name is Christina.  Her last name is something that I would never share with anyone even if I knew it.  Last thing this busty girl needs is to have thousands of horny tumblr users show up wanting a piece of action from her.